Yes ‘Fragile’ 1972

Prog-rock band Yes performed two albums in full on Wednesday night at the Royal Conert Hall in Glasgow. First up was the 1980 Drama which was performed for the first time in full. The album touches on themes of a digital future that seemingly came to fruition. The use of vocoder and a heavy array of synths showed Yes shifting into the 80’s. The performance showcased the many faces of the band. Not only has the line-up been ever evolving but the musical content ranges from heavy metal, classic rock, classical flamenco and synth rock.

The band then performed the classic album Fragile which took the concert to new heights with the performance of ‘Roundabout’. Alongside the two albums the band scattered in hits such as ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ which guitarist Steve Howe has ‘grown to love’ and ‘Starship Trooper’.

The heavy loss of Chris Squire was dutifully respected by Billy Sherwood who highlighted how unique Squire’s bass playing was. Vocalist Jon Davison matched the tonality of Jon Anderson but was unable to reach the power of Anderson’s voice.

Seeing two albums at very different moments for the band showed that Yes are indeed a band with a large discography worthy of rediscovery. Warner has re-released their albums mastered for iTunes available now. We suggest you begin with Yessongs and take the journey from there.


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