After the week we’ve just had, it seems like everybody is in need of some comedy right now. So it’s fortunate that long-time friends and comedic duo Croft and Pearce (Hannah and Fiona) are very, very funny, and they’re going on tour. With a run of sell-out Edinburgh shows and a BBC Radio 4 series under their belts, they’re taking the best-of of their sketches (along with some new ones) and touring it around the UK. TheLongPlays caught up with the pair before their show at the Byre Theatre in the historic town of St Andrews, Scotland.


How did you first meet, and when did you start performing together?

We met in sixth form and were friends for a long time before we started muddying the water with comedy. We started writing together about six and a half years ago and after doing a few 5 minute sets on other people’s line-ups, we decided we were definitely ready for a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe (we weren’t).  Since then, we’ve done 6 Edinburgh Festivals, had our own sketch show on Radio 4 and toured around the UK – and miraculously, we’re still friends! Last year we were touring so much we made the ultimate commitment to each other and bought a Two Together Railcard.

What are the inspirations for this particular show? Will you always stick to sketch comedy?

The show we’re touring is a mega compilation of our best sketches from the past six years. We won’t be doing anything from this year’s Edinburgh show, and hardly anything from our radio show so if you’ve seen or heard us before, there will still be lots of new treats in store. There are some familiar characters, though, for people who’ve already seen us.

As well as sketch, we’ve written for an animation series on CBeebies and we’re currently developing a couple of sitcom ideas that we’re really excited about.

You’ve had some acclaimed and sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. How do you feel about Scottish audiences compared to other audiences?

We love Scottish audiences! We have the best time in Edinburgh and we always try to throw a Scottish character into the mix, and enjoy appalling people with our accent. We’ve also found our Scottish audience to be very loyal and it’s really lovely how many Scots come back to see us in Edinburgh year after year.

What shows are making you laugh this year?

We’re big fans of 30 Rock and we re-watched lots of that together in Edinburgh this year. We also went on a nostalgia trip and got our Victoria Wood boxsets out, which still make us laugh our heads off. In terms of new sketch this year, we love watching Amy Schumer’s stuff on Youtube and we’re really looking forward to seeing Catherine Tate Live at the Apollo in a couple of weeks.

2016 has been a bit of a weird year (Trump, Brexit etc). A plethora of material for comedy or a just a sign of the impending apocalypse?

Definitely the impending apocalypse. It’s a gift for comedians that we’d happily trade. That said, more than ever this feels like an important time for comedy, not just because great comedy makes us question things, but also because we need a reason to laugh.


Croft and Pearce will be touring around the country in November, Elgin on the 18th of November, St Andrews on the 19th, Newcastle on the 20th, Millon on the 25th, Northallerton on the 26th and Edinburgh on the 27th. See their website for full details.

You can watch some of their fantastically fresh sketches here:




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