New York City indie rocker Billy Cadden is releasing his debut EP ‘Does It Really Mean Nothing’ tomorrow and we’ve asked him to pick his past, present, future. Add him on Facebook HERE and available on all streaming platforms at MIDNIGHT

 Past (an album from his childhood) 


The Band // Growing up in Woodstock, I was always around The Band’s music. Levon’s voice and drumming floor me every time.  From ‘Across the Great Divide’ to ‘King Harvest’, I get all the feels.

Present (New release he loves)
Flyte // They’re all my favorite bands rolled into one. Haunting harmonies with unexpected changes. On repeat.
Future (an album he’s been meaning to check out)
Hinds // They came on while I was in the shower the other day. It was from some Spotify radio station so I only heard one song. Added their album to the queue.