Blake Mills Interview

Californian guitarist Blake Mills spent his early twenties as a go-to performer for artists such as Lucinda Williams and Julian Casablanca. His unique approach to the guitar won him considerable acclaim, with Eric Clapton praising Blake as ‘the last guitarist I heard that I thought was phenomenal.’ Upon the release of his second solo albumContinue reading “Blake Mills Interview”

Dave Davies of The Kinks Interview

Dave Davies, guitarist of The Kinks, is often credited with inventing a new style of heavy rock music when he slashed his amplifier with a razor to record ‘You Really Got Me’. From that point on The Kinks continued to pioneer new styles from baroque pop to folk and country. Their genre bending has atContinue reading “Dave Davies of The Kinks Interview”

Susan Rogers Interview

Susan Rogers was Prince’s engineer from 1983-1987 recording classics such as ‘Purple Rain’ , ‘Sign O’ The Times’ , and ‘Around The World In A Day’. She has her PhD in music cognition and psychoacoustics and teaches at Berklee School of Music.  I spoke with her about becoming an engineer, recording Prince and the idea of ‘musical genius’.  What wereContinue reading “Susan Rogers Interview”