Radiohead and the End of Scalping

This story has a happy ending. A mother and 16-year-old son hopelessly attempted to buy Radiohead tickets after being told the tickets they purchased on a secondary ticketing site for $1500 were no longer accepted. To make matters worse they had flown five hours to make the gig. The Shrine Auditorium (Los Angeles) informed attendee’s last… Continue reading Radiohead and the End of Scalping


Interview with photographer Gil Garcetti

Gil Garcetti is a professional photographer and UNESCO-IHE Cultural Ambassador. He is the former Los Angeles District Attorney and father of Eric Garcetti, the current mayor of Los Angeles. Upbringing Gil Garcetti’s mother came to Los Angeles after his grandfather was killed in the Mexican Revolution. ‘My farther was a barber; my mother was a meat… Continue reading Interview with photographer Gil Garcetti

Interview with Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan is a Grammy award winning producer. He has recorded albums in the Algerian desert with Tinariwen, inside a Malawi Maximum Security prison for the Zomba Prison Project, and with Flea of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kyp Malone of T.V. On The Radio and Lucinda Williams.  Ian Brennan has traveled the world recording… Continue reading Interview with Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan

Interview with Oxford University Professor Mark Williams-Mindfulness Meditation

Oxford University Professor Mark Williams’s book Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World (co-authored with Danny Penman) explores how we can use mindfulness meditation to better our emotional well-being. He is the founder of the Oxford Mindfulness Center. ‘I think the greatest gift meditation has given to me is enabling me to tune-in to the life… Continue reading Interview with Oxford University Professor Mark Williams-Mindfulness Meditation

Paul Sprangers: Election ‘16

Paul Sprangers is the lead singer of indie-rock band Free Energy. He is also the founder of Karma Farm  This election is a referendum on the collective consciousness It’s strange isn’t it, this election cycle? We’re closer to it than ever before. We’re sharing more than ever before. We’re paying attention. We’re here. And I’m… Continue reading Paul Sprangers: Election ‘16